Onramp & Offramp with Bank Wire

(EUR SEPA /GBP CHAPS/Faster payments)

If you are a bank, neo bank, or a fintech business, we provide you with a bank wire solution where your customers can deposit fiat, and exchange it for any Kriptomat-supported cryptocurrency and withdraw it to their bank account.

Kriptomat Bank Wire API offers:

  • KYC & compliance API

  • Bank Wire payment API / Fiat onramp and offramp

  • Exchange API / Buy & Sell cryptocurrencies with fiat

Fiat to Crypto Onramp Flow

Our Fiat to Crypto onramp API flow enables your customers to purchase any Kriptomat supported cryptocurrency by depositing fiat money (EUR/GBP) through the Bank Wire. Once the user makes the deposit from the instructions received from partners (sent by Kriptomat) Kriptomat process the deposit/verifies the bank account and notifies the partner.

Crypto to Fiat Exchange Flow

Our Exchange API flow provides your users with the ability to exchange their fiat deposits for any of the Kriptomat cryptocurrencies supported, inside your product. Kriptomat buys crypto as per the purchase order created by the user who wants to purchase cryptocurrencies. We debit the User's fiat balance and credit the Partner's floating balance. You as a partner transfer crypto to the User and update the User's crypto and virtual fiat balance.

Crypto to Fiat Offramp Flow

Partner has a corporate KriptoRamp account where you keep a floating BTC balance. This expedites Crypto to Fiat exchange because we don't wait to receive BTC from you. After the sell order is created by the user, Kriptomat credits user's fiat balance and debits the partners floating balance, and notifies the partner.

Withdrawal to Bank Account

Kriptomat Withdrawal API provides processing of the withdrawal of the user's fiat deposit to their bank account. Partner gets a list of the User’s verified bank accounts from Kriptomat and the user selects the bank account to which he wants to withdraw fiat.

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